10 Great Places In The US to Go Birding

10 Great Places In The US to Go Birding

So you’re a new birder or new to an area and you just don’t know where to go birding. Well the Audubon app will tell you where birds have been seen in any given area throughout the US. But where are the really great location to go birding? Well, I do know of a few… Below I’ve listed a few places that I’ve been or plan to go soon

Plum Island/Parker River National Wildlife Refuge – Massachusetts (to be avoided in the month of July due to the    vicious green head horsefly) 

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge – Massachusetts

Cape May –  New Jersey

Acadia National Park – Maine

Monterey Bay – California

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve – California

Merritt Island – Florida

Everglades National Park – Florida

Huntington Beach State Park – South Carolina

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge – Texas


Let me know if there are other good places to go to see lots of birds. If you go to these places, let me know what you see! Have Fun and Happy Birding!

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