This Green Heron is Patiently Waiting For Its Prey

This Green Heron is Patiently Waiting For Its Prey


Green Heron

This Heron was waiting for his lunch to show up. A fairly small Heron, with an iridescent green color on it’s back. that often looks bluish. They forage in swamps, lakes, marshes and ponds. Usually they’ll stalk very slowly along the waters edge or stand extremely still and wait. They have also been known to bait their prey by dropping a small twig or feather onto the surface of the water for a curious fish to come by. Usually their perferred habitat is a tree or shrub lined small body of fresh water.  Most of the year they are a solitary and secretive bird, quietly searching for prey.

They don’t nest in colonies, usually in isolated pairs or sometimes in small groups. Fish is the number one choice of food, but they will also eat frogs, tadpoles and crayfish. On occasion they’ve been known to eat other things such as snails, worms, snakes, rodents and grasshoppers.

Migrates in the winter from most of the US except from the the most southern areas. They will migrate as far south as South America. In the West Indies and Central America the Green Heron is a permanent resident.

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