The Canada Goose Protects Its Young

The Canada Goose Protects Its Young


Canada Goose

I find that these Geese have become a bit of a problem… they just seem to be everywhere! Many lakes that I have visited have a problem with them or should I say their poop. I will often see them on the golf courses around me too. They like to live in many different areas, near water, grain fields and grassy fields. They do enjoy expansive mowed lawns because they can digest the grass and they can keep an eye on their young, its easy to seee if danger is around with unobstructed views.

The Canada Goose will mate for life and the couple will stay together all year long. Most of the year they will stay in large flocks, with many of the birds being related to one another. They will graze on grass, eat grain from fields and forage in shallow water by upending and finding food under the water with their long necks.

In 2015 the North American population of the Canada Goose was between 4.2 million to over 5.6! They are very common and their numbers are increasing. In some areas, they do not migrate, rather they will stay all year enjoying such reliable habitats as golf courses, lawns and parks. Some communities consider these Geese a nuisance, especially the airports. In North America around 2.6 million Canada Geese are hunted each year but that hasn’t slowed their population down any.

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