5 Birds I’ve Seen In Central North Carolina, USA

5 Birds I’ve Seen In Central North Carolina, USA


Ring-necked Duck

This is a photo of 3 male Ring-necked Ducks, the females are a dark gray-brown color. A small diving duck that forages in reservoirs, lakes and inshore waters. They breed from Alaska, Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland south to Washington, Minnesota, Great Lakes region and New England. They will spend their winters throughout the US.


Red-shouldered Hawk

A long-tailed, long-winged hawk, roughly the size of a crow. Usually found in woodland habitats, near water. Their diet consists of frogs, snakes and small mammals. Can be found throughout the US and central, southern Canada.


American Goldfinch

These cuties will eat mostly seeds, especially thistle. This small common finch can be seen in open woodlands, forest edges, weedy fields, forest edges and house feeders.


Indigo Bunting

Here we have a couple of male Indigo Buntings. The females are brown with faint buff wing bars. They can be found from southeast Manitoba east to Maine and south to Texas and Florida. These birds will winter primarily in Central America.


Cedar Waxwing

A very elegant, sleek looking bird. Their diets consists of berrries and insects. Their song is that of very high-pitched, soft notes. Usually seen in flocks, I will often hear them first then find them perched high up in the trees.

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