The Flamingo Is One Bird That I Don’t Have On My Life List!

The Flamingo Is One Bird That I Don’t Have On My Life List!



Flamingoes used to regularly migrate from the Bahamas to Florida Bay, USA, which is now Everglades National Park. Unfortunately, it is rare for them to migrate up to the US anymore. Any Flamingoes seen loose today in North America are probably escapees from zoos or aviaries! That being said, I can’t count them in my US Life List, however some that do show up in the Everglades National Park could actually be from the Bahamian colonies. Also, there have beeen some seen on the coast of Texas that are believed to come from colonies on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico! So there is hope for me yet, I just need to keep a watch out form when someone reports a sighting of these birds in those locations, then I can get down there and go birding!!!

The Flamingos feeed by walking through the shallow waters with their head upside down and bill underwater, they stir up organic matter with their webbed feet.

Their diet consists of algae, shrimp, mollusks, snails and crustaceans. When their heads swings from side to side, the food is strained from the water with small comblike structures inside their bills. They get their pink color from the food, which contain carotenoids pigments. Flamingos kept in zoos are sometimes supplemented with food coloring to keep their pink plumage from fading.

They can “run” on water, due to having webbed feet, this gives them speed to be able to lift up into the sky. They are an unmistakable bird with their bright pink feathers, S-shaped neck and stilt-like legs!

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