5 Different Woodpeckers I Found In The US

5 Different Woodpeckers I Found In The US


Ladder-backed Woodpecker

You can find these woodpeckers in the southwestern US, throughout Mexico and down into Central America. In the US and Mexico they will forage and nest in cactus, while in Central America they can be found in the pinelands.



Red-headed Woodpecker

These birds forage in several different ways, they often fly out from a perch and will catch insects in the air, other times they forage on trees, on outer branches or on the ground. In the fall, they gather beechnuts, acorns and other nuts and store them in crevices and holes and then come winter they have plenty of food to eat.



Pileated Woodpecker

Most of the time I will hear this woodpecker way before I se it. When they drill into the bark of a dead tree it will echo throughout the forest like a loud drum! Once I hear the drumming, I then begin my search to see this wonderful bird…



Red-bellied Woodpecker

I found this one foraging on a tree stump, notice the spider that he has in his bill. Yummy! They will typically pick at the bark of a tree to dislodge it and find insects rather than drill through the bark. In the winter they can also be found at backyard suet feeders. 



Acorn Woodpecker

This clown face woodpecker can be found in the western oak woodlands. They live in the southwest US and down throughout Mexico. Stores thousands of acorns in special holes in tress that they have made, then they will keep one member of the large group that they live with, on guard to watch out for thieves! 

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