Let Us Not Forget The American Robin

Let Us Not Forget The American Robin


American Robin

The Robin is a large bird, around 10 inches. They are very widespread, often found in gardens, parks, open areas as well as wooded areas. Breeds from Alaska east to Newfoundland, south to South Carolina, Texas and California. They winter from Canada down through Mexico.

You will often see them running around on lawns or parks, then they’ll stop and cock their heads to the side to search for food. Often seen stopped on a lawn pulling up a earthworm!

Their diet depends on the time of day, they tend to eat more earthworms in the morning. Later in the day they will eat more fruit. It is vulnerable to pesticide poisoning because it forages largely on lawns and parks that have been treated.

The photo above is of a Robin that I startled and it flew up into a tree, it was keeping an eye on me! The photo below is of two possibly immature Robins foraging along the grass in a park in California.


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