The Vermillion Flycatcher Is Soooo Pretty!

The Vermillion Flycatcher Is Soooo Pretty!


Vermillion Flycatcher 

As I was walking around a one of the parks in the Lake Piru Recreation Area In California, I suddenly saw a flash of red off to my side. I turned to look and there was this beautiful Vermillion Flycatcher! He was just perched on a grill, then he would fly off to try to catch an insect, then perch again. He wasn’t overly afraid of my presence, but he wouldn’t allow me to come too close… luckily my camera has a good zoom.

About the size of a sparrow, this brightly colored flycatcher is usually found in brush along streams or in woods or near ponds or in open country. They will perch, sometimes only a few inches from the ground, then fly out and grab an insect.

They breed from southeast California east to central Texas and south to Argentina. Spending the winters in the same areas. The females aren’t quite as pretty, they are brownish above with whitish underparts and buff or pinkish undertail coverts. Often times the Vermillion flycatchers will bob their tails like a phoebe.

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