A New Year, A New Count

A New Year, A New Count


American Bald Eagle

A few years ago I moved from my home state. When I left, my brother suggested as a way to stay closer, we could have a bird sighting competition. He was a birder and I really wasn’t at all… but I went along with it. So the rules were set up, just count how many different species of birds you see in the continental US and we will compare totals at the end of the year. Well, lets just say that I’ve won every year since and became a birder along the way… (clearly I’m a very competitive person). Besides becoming a birder, it gave me a wonderful new hobby, gets me outside a lot more, I’ve also met some wonderful people, made some interesting new friends and explored some beautiful places. Thanks David!!!

So begins another year, we no longer really compete, since I go to so many more areas of the country than my brother, it isn’t really fair anymore. Now I try to find new lifers to add to my list, but we do still count how many bird species we see each year, because you never know if this one will end up being your big year!

So far this year (mid January) I have a total of 98, not bad but I still have a long way to go!

The Eagle above and photos below are a few birds that I’ve seen so far this year, I’ll keep you posted as to how my year continues on…


Great Blue Heron


Roseate Spoonbill


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