215 And Counting…

215 And Counting…


California Condor

So far this year, I’ve been on the East and West Coast. I have seen over 215 birds, 4 new lifers! Above and below are photos of lifers I’ve seen on the West Coast…

The California Condor looks pretty much like a oversized Turkey Vulture. I saw some at a state park feeding on a neighboring cattle farm’s dead cow carcass! There were also Ravens, Turkey Vultures, Red Tail Hawks, American and Golden Eagles and 1 fat coyote feasting on the poor cow.



While checking out a new birding site, I met a professor who asked me if I had seen the Ruff. I hadn’t, so I thought, since I didn’t know that there was one in the area and really didn’t know much about it. Well he informed me that it was last seen in the shallow pond hanging out with the Long billed Dowitchers. I went home and studied up on the bird, so that the next time I went back there I was able to spot him easily! Though the bright orange legs do help do give him away amongst the Dowitchers!

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