Today Was A Good Day…

Today Was A Good Day…

Today I went with about 30 other birders to a National Wildlife Preserve for a Christmas Bird count. We were divided into groups and assigned an area to go and count the birds we see… unfortunately it was raining at the start, but cleared up after a bit. I never did get the totals from each of the groups, but for a cloudy day we didn’t seem to do too bad. 

So far as of Jan 4th my total for the year is 50 bird species. I am trying to beat my last January total of 102, hopefully I’ll be able to do that…

Here is the list of birds I added to my count today, with a few photos of some of the birds:

Fox Sparrow, Eastern Towhee, Red-wing Blackbird, Kildeer, Pine Warbler, Ring-billed Gull, Pileated Woodpecker, Ruddy Duck, Hooded Merganser, Wood Duck, Swamp Sparrow, Belted Kingfisher, Gray Catbird, Winter Wren, Hermit Thrush, American Robin, House Sparrow and Black Vulture.


Pileated Woodpecker


Ruddy Duck


Wood Duck


Black Vulture


Hermit Thrush


American Robin

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