Saw The Red-Tailed Hawk Today

Saw The Red-Tailed Hawk Today

Earlier today I was watching an adult Bald Eagle circling above the lake in my backyard. Yesterday I saw 2 immature Bald Eagles perched in a tree searching for fish in the lake. One was probably a 2nd year immature and the other looked like a 3rd year immature. You can tell by their coloring and how much white they have on them, it takes 4 years to reach their adult plumage. I wondered if they were siblings, I wonder if today’s adult is their parent…  They won’t breed until they are 4 or 5 years, so they probably are a family.

A few moments later, I looked up again and saw a Red-tailed Hawk circling over the lake. Then he came closer to the trees and I watched as he landed in a leafy squirrel’s nest. I kinda hoped that he actually had gotten the squirrel… I have no love for them since they seem to find ways into my attic! (Though after lots of money and various wildlife experts, I do believe the attic is now squirrel free, fingers crossed!) After a while the Hawk left, unfortunately with nothing in his talons. For all you squirrel lovers, I did see the squirrel jump out of the nest about 5 minutes after the Hawk left, he looked a bit shaken up, but alive nonetheless …


So with the Red-tailed Hawk, I am now at 56 for the year…


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