34 More Birds Makes For A Great Birding Day!

34 More Birds Makes For A Great Birding Day!

Yesterday I went out birding with a group of local birders. If you are interested in birding and you want to go with a group of birders, you should look online for your local birding society. Most areas have local Audubon groups that plan birding trips, some locations have a recurring bird walk that you can meet up and learn soooooo much!

Anyway, yesterday I went with a group of people that I’ve been meeting a few times a year, on this recurring walk for the past 6 years. Since it is early in the year, I was able to see a lot of birds that I haven’t seen yet. 

After a few hours of enjoying the company of my fellow birders and walking/stopping/binoculars up/walking/stopping/binoculars up…I had another 34 birds. I am now at 90 for the year and still trying to get 100+ for the month of January… 

Below are a few photos of some of the birds I found:

American Coot2562EF74-1EEB-415B-B8CE-B337D103BE69

Northern Harrier316F7E70-781C-4E74-86F8-AE421E41023E

Red-breasted MerganserB83E01A1-C34E-4B79-B9DF-A2ADB4CDF1E1

Least Sandpiper526D4779-F696-4A9A-AAEC-FE76BADDCE94

Snowy Egret62b80562-69d0-4953-8de4-21757406b29e

Marbled Godwit39588CC9-EEA3-4227-B946-12A820902422

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