I Beat Last Year’s January Total!

I Beat Last Year’s January Total!

I went out to a few birding spots yesterday and managed to see another 25 birds that I hadn’t seen yet this year. Now I’m at a total of 115 for the month of January and last year I ended the month at 102! I hoping to get out birding again tomorrow, but we’ll see….  Anyway, I started the day at a small pond that’s where I saw the Cinnamon Teal foraging for food…



I saw a lot of Mallards and sandpipers and then I saw the American Avocet and a few Black-necked Stilts…



I walked around the area to see what might be there… Always checking telephone poles, wires and fences, cause you never know what you might see on them… Then I saw this cuttie, the Loggerhead Shrike. I say cuttie even though they perch up high only to watch for their next meal. They eat insects, rodents and small birds! Often saving their catch impaled on a thorn or wire fence to eat later!



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