Don’t Look At These Photos Unless You’ve Already Eaten!

Don’t Look At These Photos Unless You’ve Already Eaten!

We all know about the circle of life, but that doesn’t mean that we enjoy looking at other animals being eaten! Sometimes when you are out birding or just enjoying the great outdoors you happen upon the reality of the wild kingdom, some birds eat animals and other birds!

Here is a Peregrine Falcon I spotted flying by with a pigeon in his talons. He found a nearby pole to perch on and have his meal, that’s when I walked away…


Next is a parent Osprey bringing what I believe to be a fish to its young.


Here’s a Great Blue Heron flying over the lake looking for the perfect spot to stop and enjoy the fish he just caught. I have stayed and watched the Great Blue Heron eating a fish and they make sure it is very wet before lining it up in their bill and swallowing it whole…


This Red-bellied Woodpecker was digging around this stump and finally poked his head up with his prize, a nice tasty spider!


This American Kestrel found himself a cute little lizard for his morning snack…


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