The Catch Of The Day…

The Catch Of The Day…

Yesterday I was walking around a small pond and came upon a Double-crested Cormorant trying to eat a fish that he had just caught…


He was having a lot of trouble swallowing this fish… He would keep lining the fish up to slide easily down his throat, but I think the fish had some sharp spikes or barbs because every time he would get it part way down, back up it came…


It was taking sooooooo long for him to swallow this fish, that he managed to draw a bit of attention to himself, so he had to really get it down! The American White Pelican came over to see if he could get an easy snack from the Cormorant! 


No way was the Cormorant letting this fish go after so much trouble, he wet it a few more times and finally after about 10 minutes of meal prep, the fish was gone!

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