A Closer Look At The Teals

A Closer Look At The Teals

In the US there are 3 Teals that can be seen regularly… 

The Green-winged Teal. They can be found throughout all of the US and into Mexico. Breeding in Alaska, Canada and some Northern US states. It is the smallest of the US dabbling ducks, very common and widespread.


The Blue-winged Teal. They breed in Canada and some Northern US states, but winters down in South America. The blue is noticeable mostly during flight.


I did manage to see the blue on this one’s wings while he was swimming by with a few female Blue-winged Teals…


And lastly, there is the Cinnamon Teal. A very beautiful duck! The Cinnamon Teal is strictly a Western bird and not found coast to coast like the other 2 Teals. They breed in the Western US and winter down in Mexico some going as far south as South America, but not as many as the Blue-winged Teal.


I found this one resting on the side of a pond…


Notice the blue in his wing, the female Cinnamon Teal and female Blue-winged Teal both have blue in their wings and look almost identical! I can only identify these Teals if I see the males…

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