What Bird Do I Hear?

What Bird Do I Hear?

One day I was off taking a hike, yes actually a real hike up a mountain and everything! I usually tell people that I’m taking a hike when I’m really out birding since birding doesn’t sound as cool… Anyway I was out hiking uphill, which is something I really don’t enjoy since I like being able to breath more than I do the scenery…

I heard a bird singing his heart out. He was up ahead on the trail jumping around in a small tree. I wasn’t sure what bird I was listening to, now mind you, I’m not that good at knowing my bird calls, but I’m okay with the usually ones… So this bird was singing and fluttering around in the tree and I was having a heck of a time trying to figure out just what I was looking at!

When I finally got a good long look at this bird, he looked a lot like a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but the song was just not his! I decided to look up the Kinglet on my birding app to see what other similar birds were in the area. I was on the West Coast of the USA and I found that the Hutton’s Vireo had been seen in the area that I was hiking…

I played the Vireo’s song and guess what? It was exactly the same song that this bird was singing away! Now of course when you play the song with the bird around it usually causes the bird to think that there is another bird nearby, which sometimes gets them curious or upset (sometimes both), needless to say, I try not to play the songs too often when I am out birding so not to upset the birds.

Here are 2 photos of the Hutton’s Vireo that I managed to take while it was fluttering around. Take a good look at the wing bars to see that it doesn’t have the black bar behind the second white wing bar like the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. It also has a thicker bill then the Kinglet.



Below is a photo of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet, you can see the black behind the back wing bar. You would think it would be easy to tell the difference by just looking at the bird, but the Kinglet doesn’t always show off his ruby crown, most of the time you can’t even see it! I’m very happy that the bird was in the mood to sing that day!


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