Meet The Ibises

Meet The Ibises

In the US there are 3 different species of Ibis. We’ll start with the biggest, but only by a couple of inches…

The White Ibis. They are unmistakable, with their bright white bodies and long curved bill. You can find them from the southern US coast all the way down into northern South America.


Next, we have the Glossy Ibis. In the US, they are only found on the East Coast. All Ibises forage by mostly wading in shallow water, probing for food in the soft mud.


And lastly, we have the White-faced Ibis. Very similar to the Glossy, sometimes the only way to tell them apart is by location. These Ibises can be found throughout central and western US down into Mexico.


I believe this one is immature. When the adults are in breeding plumage they have a border of white feathers around red face skin.

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