African Bird Loose In California

African Bird Loose In California

When you are out birding, you expect to see some birds that are native to the area that you are in. Well, in some areas in the US, you might find some unexpected birds that just don’t fit in.

The other day while out birding in a Wildlife Park in Central California, I cam across a very good example of a bird that just didn’t belong… the Egyptian Goose!


This bird is native to Africa and somehow managed to escape from zoos or aviaries in California and are now living at parks and ponds usually with the Canada Goose.

These escapees have now established wild populations in Texas, California and Florida, USA!

In addition to the Egyptian Goose, there are several species of Parrots and Parakeets that have escaped over the years and have managed to establish wild populations throughout the USA.

Another bird that was an escapee that I look for each year is the Red-whiskered Bulbul. They were first discover in the USA in 1960 when they were said to have escaped into Florida. Since then they have another group in California and one in Hawaii.


They aren’t know to travel far, so there aren’t many other groups around the states.  Their diet mostly consists on fruit and you can usually find them living in areas that have exotic fruit tress. I always look for them at the Los Angeles County Arboretum  in California, they love it there! 

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