Wood Ducks Looking For A Home

Wood Ducks Looking For A Home

Yesterday as I was slowly moving around the kitchen looking for something for breakfast, I happened to take a quick look out the back window… I saw something in the trees in the backyard, I knew it was a bird, but what the heck bird was it???

Knowing that this wasn’t a bird I normally see in the trees in my backyard, I ran for my binoculars! Finally I zoomed in on the bird and what do you know… it was a pair of Wood Ducks looking for a nest! There was actually a pair of them out there.


They nest in large cavities in trees around 65’ above the water. Though many have been known to nest in nesting boxes even though they aren’t as high up…

I never did get a good photo of the female, as she was harder to zoom in on since she blended into the background more easily and seemed to be hiding from me…

After laying their eggs, only the female will sit on the nest, it takes 25 – 35 days for incubation. On the morning after they hatch, the young will climb out of the nest and jump to the ground! The females will take care of the young for the next 5 -6 weeks.

I did see a few holes in the trees, but I’m not sure that they are big enough for the ducks. The pair of them flew from tree to tree, back and forth along the water’s edge for awhile, but eventually they continued on down the lake. I really hope they come back and pick a site near my home, that would be fun to watch during the spring, but I have to wait and see…


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