Black-necked Stilt… Delicate, But Hardy

Black-necked Stilt… Delicate, But Hardy

The Black-necked Stilt is beautiful, graceful and looks very delicate. Actually, these birds manage to thrive in the sun baked flat areas surrounding shallow lakes and ponds, where the temperatures are sometimes soaring!

They have thin legs, slim wings and needle-like bills. You might think, so delicate, so frail, but their numbers are increasing as they are able to adapt to new areas and extend their range.


You can find them around shallow lakes and ponds, but they have no problem foraging in artificial habitats such as dikes and sewage ponds. This ability to adapt has helped their population increase!

They can be found throughout most of the US and into Mexico. A very pretty bird to see, if you get the chance take a long moment and just watch them foraging in the shallow waters, you’ll enjoy it…


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