Hello Anna

Hello Anna

Say hello to the Anna’s Hummingbird. When he shows his colors he is a very bright pink! This bird doesn’t have any trouble with his masculinity, yes he’s pink, yes he’s pretty, but he’s all male…


Found only on the west coast from Canada down into Mexico, when these males show their colors they are unmistakeable!


Below is a female Anna’s Hummingbird, not colorful at all, not easily identified from other Hummingbirds of similar size…

I was with a birding group in California a couple of years ago and we happened upon this female on her nest. Someone in the group has got great eyes because this is not something that you easily see.


Did you notice the lichen stuck on the sides of the nest, the females build the nest and they put that there to help it blend into the scenery.

Here is a nest that I found in my yard this summer. It is the nest of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, similar to the Anna’s Hummingbird, but only found from the East Coast to the Central part of Canada, US and into Mexico.


I was able to find the nest only after watching the bird fly around my yard for a few days. Back and forth she went from the same branch. It happened to be on a dead branch that was being cut down and luckily she and her babies were gone by the time the guys came to cut it down.

Both of these nest are very similar in size (only a couple of inches) and materials. They both have lichens from the surrounding area stuck onto the sides so they can be camouflaged from predators.

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