West Coast vs East Coast Towhee

West Coast vs East Coast Towhee

There is a California Towhee. Very brown, kinda blends into the ground color… 


This bird can be found from southern Oregon down the coast of California and then into Mexico.

Then there is the Spotted Towhee, now that one is quite colorful…


The Spotted Towhee can be found from south west Canada down through central and western US and into Mexico.

Then we have the Eastern Towhee, now this one is very very similar to the Spotted Towhee.


The difference between the Spotted Towhee and the Eastern Towhee are the spots versus patches. The Spotted Towhee will have more “spots” were as the Eastern Towhee has “lines” or patches of white.

The Eastern Towhee can be found from mostly from the east coast to central US. There are states where the Spotted and Eastern are in the same range and they were once considered the same species, but have sense been split apart.

All Towhees forage mostly on the ground, usually that is how you first realize that one is around. They are very noisy scratchers! Not easy to see under the thickets, but you’ll know that they are there.

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