174 And Counting…

174 And Counting…

I took a quick trip over to the East Coast of the US this week, South Carolina to be exact and I ended up seeing 14 bird species that I hadn’t seen yet this year!

So now for the year 2020, I’ve seen 174… not bad. Now if only I can continue to get out there and catch all the birds that migrate through my area I should have a pretty good year.

Here is a photo of one of the birds that I saw for the first time this year. This is an Anhinga.


This is a female Anhinga, they have a buff head and neck, whereas the males have black heads and necks. Very similar to the cormorants, but they have a long narrow pointed bill, white markings on their upper side of the wings and a fan shaped tail.

Hunts mostly fish, they usually swim in the water and wait for a fish to get close by, then they will stab it with their pointy bill.


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