The Rest of The Story…

The Rest of The Story…

If you read the article previous to this one you will know the story of my recent birding adventures with my brother in Massachusetts.

To continue with the story, after we found the Snowy Owl we drove further along the dirt road to the end of the island where there is a beach and small jetty.

One of the first birds that I spotted out in the waters was the Common Eider. This duck grows to be about 27 inches big, so it’s easily spotted in the ocean, with their bright black and white coloring.



Looking around we saw other water fowl such as Horned Grebes, Black Scoters, Common Loons and then we saw this beauty…


The Long-tailed Duck. It is actually only the adult males that have the long tails. Check out the tail on this adult male Long-tailed Duck below.




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