It Pays to Check Out The Rare Bird Sightings in Your Area!

It Pays to Check Out The Rare Bird Sightings in Your Area!

While I was up in New England, USA, I checked online for the rare bird sightings in the area that I was visiting. This is a great resource to help you find birds that you might not normally see.

In my case, there had been sightings of the Sandhill Crane. They breed up in Northern Canada and Alaska and winter in California, Texas, Florida and Mexico. They hardly ever show up on the East Coast of the US, except for Florida, so when there is a sighting of these birds there, everyone gets excited!

My brother and I checked online to see just where the Cranes had been seen and off we went in search of the Sandhill Cranes.

On the way my brother told me that he had actually gone out looking for them over the past couple of days, but had not been able to find them yet…

We went to a big hill, we had to go up the hill so that we could get a good look on the other side, where there were fields and small puddles. That is where they had been reported to be seen.

Up we went, then at the top of the hill we stopped and way off to the side and way down the hill I saw 4 Sandhill Cranes foraging amongst a large flock of Canada Geese.


These birds are about 45 inches tall, so they should have been easy to spot, but with them being soooooo far away and blending into the background it actually was tough. I could see how they could easily be missed!

Below is a photo I took of a few years ago of Sandhill Crane in Florida. He was kneeling on the ground in a small field near a picnic area, so I was able to get a closeup!


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