I Saw Something New Today…

I Saw Something New Today…

So earlier I was out in my backyard doing yard work yet again… I live on a lake, so I often stop to see what ducks or birds might be around. 

Well, today I saw an Eagle, probably a third year because it had white on it, but not too much white. I have seen first year, second, third, fourth and adult Eagles in my backyard. I figure that they are probably all siblings, with the adult being their parent.


Anyway, this third year Eagle was circling around the lake in front of me. Then he dove down and tried to catch something in the lake. I thought, it must be after a fish, since that is what they usually eat. The Eagle continued to circle then dive down over and over again, not ever coming up with anything.

Then all of the sudden I see a duck fly off across the lake. I was surprised, was this Eagle actually after a duck? The Eagle didn’t leave when the duck did, he just kept on circling and diving… so I walked down closer to the lake. Then I finally saw a poor male Mallard duck, diving under water and each time he came up for air, swoop here comes the Eagles talons right above his head!!!


After a few long moments of this horrible game the Eagle either gave up because it wasn’t working or saw me and got nervous, either way he finally flew away down the end of the lake.

After catching his breath, Mr. Mallard flew away in the other direction. I have never seen an Eagle try to catch anything other than fish, so I was very surprised to see it trying to catch a duck. The Eagle would have eaten like a king if he had actually succeeded! I’m sure the Mallard is happy that he gets to live for another day.

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