Coronavirus Lockdown Can be an Introduction to Birding

Coronavirus Lockdown Can be an Introduction to Birding

Stay healthy and stay safe! Are you staying inside or practicing social distancing because of the Coronavirus? If you are lucky and have the internet available to you, you are able to watch movies or read all day long. But, some people aren’t so lucky or might want to do something a bit more constructive with their days.

Have you ever thought of birding? If you can get out of your house, find some woods or an isolated park or open area and just walk around and see what birds you can find. First of all this is a great way to get some much needed fresh air, it also helps with getting you some exercise and you can challenge your mind by trying to figure out what birds you see based on size, shape, location, colors, etc…

Before you head out, make sure that you are allowed leave your home. Then make sure to go to an area where no one is around. You should check online to see just what birds are in the area and what they look like so that you might have an easier time identifying them when you see them. Bringing a camera with you would help with that too, since you can look at the pictures when you get home.


If you aren’t allowed out of your home, do you have windows where you can see the sky or trees or any areas that might have birds flying by? You can still check out what birds are around your home and try to identify the birds that you see.

There are also live web cameras online that you can watch and challenge yourself to identify each bird that you see. Here are some sites that I enjoy checking in on from time to time:

Some of these sites have feeders set up where you can see birds flying in and out all day. Others are set up at the nest of one bird, but still very interesting to watch.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!


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