Not Many Birds This Past Weekend…

Not Many Birds This Past Weekend…

Due to the Coronavirus, I’ve been staying in for the past couple of weeks… But I did manage to go out to a wildlife refuge this past weekend.

We are still allowed to leave our homes, so we went to an area where no one was and managed to get some exercise and fresh air while birding.

There really weren’t many birds out and about for some reason, but I did find a lonely Gadwall swimming in a pond.


Other than that, I really didn’t see too many birds, but I did happen upon some other activity going on around the pond…


There is a beaver around! I saw evidence of beaver activity all around the pond, then further down the path I came across his den…


Unfortunately, it was the middle of the day, so there was no beaver in sight. I had been birding at this location in early January and none of this was there then, so this beaver has been very very busy!

Did you know that the beaver is mostly nocturnal and the second largest rodent in the world. They live around 10 years and there used to be 60 million beavers in the US!


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