Last Bird Species I Saw in March

Last Bird Species I Saw in March

Due to the virus, I haven’t been out and about birding lately, so adding new species to my year list has pretty much come to a complete halt!

I still see birds at the feeders, in the woods and on the lake, but it seems to be the same ones.

There is some hope though, spring is here and with that come the migration of many birds 🙂

I did accidentally get a new species for this year a few days ago. I was out in my backyard painting some trim and all of the sudden a small group of ducks flew into a small inlet of the lake near me. I wasn’t really going to look at them, but I needed to put on a second coat of paint.  I decided to take a break and look around for birds while I waited for the paint to dry…

They were Blue-winged Teals. I was looking for them earlier in the year, but never saw them in the areas where people had said that they had seen them…


They are “warm-weather ducks,” rarely seen in North America during the cold winter months.

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