First Bird Species For April

First Bird Species For April

April is here! Spring has arrived and with it comes singing migrating birds…

Luckily I live in a neighborhood where I can get out and take a walk. I try to walk everyday, mostly for the exercise, but lately to help with the boredom.

Well yesterday while I was out for my walk, I heard a faint noise off in the distance. I slowed down my pace to listen closely and then I heard it again…

It was the hoot of a Barred Owl, they have a very unique hoo, hoo, hoo-hoo song. I heard it several times on my first lap past a wooded area, but I didn’t hear it again afterwards.


I did hear a couple of Barred Owls in the neighborhood last fall, so I know that they are somewhere around. I’ve only heard them a couple of times, so I think that my house is probably on the edge of their territory.

Anyway, this is the first bird species that I am counting for the month of April, hopefully I will catch some migrating birds in the near future. 

I’m now heading outside to put up my hummingbird feeder for the first time this year, wish me luck!

Stay healthy and safe!!!

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