191 And Still Counting…

191 And Still Counting…

Yesterday, as I was looking out the window, I saw some movement down in the stream along side my house. I grabbed my binoculars and took a closer look…

There in the stream was a Brown Thrasher taking a bath. Not far away was another one thrashing through the leaves! That brings my total count for this year to 191.


A few years ago, I was out searching for an Oven Bird that had been seen in the area. I was hearing something in the woods near me, so I was really concentrating on seeing just what was making these sounds.

Then overhead I hear a bird singing its heart out, different songs over and over. I thought, it’s just a crazy Mocking Bird, I’m not even going to turn around and take my eyes away from the woods in case the Oven Bird shows up!

The bird just kept singing and singing, like it really needed me to turn around and acknowledge its existence! Finally, I decided, okay, what the heck, the Oven Bird isn’t showing up anyway, I’ll turn around and give the Mocking Bird what it wants…

I turn around… and to my surprise… it’s not a Mocking Bird at all, it’s a Brown Thrasher!!! Maybe if I had studied the bird books a bit closer I would have realized that they are in the same family of birds and mimics just like the Mocking Bird, so it too can sing lots of different songs…

So, next time you hear a bird singing, try to get a good look at the bird, because you never know if it’s a bird that’s mimicking…

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