I Found a Few Birds in my Backyard…

I Found a Few Birds in my Backyard…

Hope you all are doing well? I’ve been staying away from people and hanging around the house (doing all of the projects that need to be done)… I try to check out the birds in my backyard several times a day.

The other day I noticed a small island made of twigs in the middle of the lake. On it were several turtles and one small sandpiper. After getting the binoculars, I saw that it was a Spotted Sandpiper. Besides the spots, you can usually tell them by the way they bob their butts up and down. While I watched the sandpiper, another one came flying in, then a third one showed up, only to scare the other two off. He probably wanted the little spit of land all to himself.

Recently, I’ve been hearing a loud bird calling in the backyard. I’ve heard this call before and I did know what bird it was, but I really do like to see the bird to make sure I’m not hearing a mimicking bird. It has become more difficult lately to see the birds, because of all the leaves growing in… But after awhile of hearing and searching, I finally got him in my sights…


It’s the Great Crested Flycatcher. Now everyday I hear at least one pair of them calling back and forth to each other. Both the male and female will help make the nest, which they line with various things like twigs, feathers and the inside is usually lined with snake skin!

If you can try to get out and enjoy nature, but make sure to always stay healthy and stay safe!


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