Got a Chance to go Birding the Other Day (Made Sure to Social Distance From Other People!)

Got a Chance to go Birding the Other Day (Made Sure to Social Distance From Other People!)

I had originally planned to be birding around the US this spring, I had actually thought that this year I was going to pass my yearly total of 383 bird species… But unfortunately, we are all doing our part and staying in and social distancing from others.

That being said, I do try to get out to the wildlife refuge as often as I can. Luckily, there are only a handful of people there, usually fishing in one of the small ponds, so I am able to stay far away from them.

I went there again just the other day :)… This time I found another 6 bird species that I hadn’t seen yet this year.

At this refuge, there are several paths to walk down, but mostly you drive around, park, look around, drive, park, look around …

I found birds most every time I stopped. Here is the first bird that I came across at 8am…


The beautiful Summer Tanager! He was singing in a field and once we stopped the car he flew up onto the wire (just wanted to make sure I got a good photo of him with the perfect blue sky behind him!)

I continued on just a few yards down the road and parked, after looking around for a little bit at a pond I headed across the street towards a wooded path I like to take.

Before even entered the path I found this guy singing away…


The Orchard Oriole. He was quite vocal, making sure to be heard and not to be outdone by the Summer Tanager!

On the walk, I heard an Oven bird, but try as I might, I never did get to see that bird! There are way too many leaves around blocking my view of these birds!!!

At the end of my visit to the refuge, my husband who was driving, headed down a dirt road that went into the thick woods. While he was driving he slammed on the brakes and pointed out a Solitary Sandpiper foraging in a puddle on the side of the road! My husband is actually a great bird spotter, even though I do hate to admit it, (though, he isn’t always that good at identifying the birds, he will ask what bird am I missing and then tell me that that’s the one it has to be… 🙂 !!!) Too Funny!


It was a great sighting, these birds only breed in Canada and Alaska and will only migrate through the US. So I was very happy to see him during his migration!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!


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