216 And Still Counting…

216 And Still Counting…

It’s getting harder and harder to find new bird species for the year… with the virus, I’m not able to go to the ocean to get some of those birds (even when they do open, going into a public bathroom will not be happening for me for a long time!!!) Also, most of the state parks are still closed, not to mention the leaves have all come in making it very difficult to spot the birds and lastly the migration is almost at the end, so the birds have gone up north…

That being said, I did go back to the wildlife refuge yesterday, I only saw a few cars, so it was no problem social distancing. I usually pack a lunch, so we are able to stay out for awhile and enjoy a picnic (my new way of eating out, hahaha)…

I did actually manage to find 4 new birds for the year! Though with the leaves I only managed to get a photo of 1. I “heard only” the Yellow-billed Cuckoo. I did hear and see the Yellow-throated Vireo and the Yellow-throated Warbler. It was a big day for yellow!

The bird I did get the photo of was definitely worth waiting for, it was the…


Scarlet Tanager. I was probably able to find him through he leaves since he is soooooo brilliantly red and can be easily spotted!

They tend to like to breed in large blocks of forest and don’t do as well in the smaller forest. They also often have cowbirds leaving eggs in their nests causing them to have less offspring, since the cowbirds will hatch first and throw out the hosts’ eggs and nestlings! (Did I mention that I really don’t like the cowbirds!!!)

As always, stay healthy and stay safe!

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