Birding in my Backyard…

Birding in my Backyard…

So, lately I have been doing most of my birding in my backyard… occasionally I see a new species, but mostly I keep seeing the same birds everyday.

Here are a few photos of some of the birds that I’ve been seeing…


The Mourning Dove, they can be found throughout the entire US. It is one of the most common birds in the US. They can raise up to six broods per year, which helps to make them so abundant.

99% of their diet consists of seeds! That is probably why I always see them foraging under my feeders.


Here is a House Finch, they can be found throughout the entire US and into southern Canada and down to southern Mexico. In some areas of the US, the local populations have been hit with conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection which swells their eyes shut and makes it hard for them to find food. I have seen a House Finch with this infection before, but not yet this year…


The Chipping Sparrow, they can be found throughout most of North America. They are common and widespread, but often cowbirds will lay eggs in their nests, causing less sparrows to survive. Yet their population keeps staying strong!

Hope you’re staying healthy and safe!

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