I’m at 221 for 2020…

I’m at 221 for 2020…

At the wildlife refuge I managed to find another 4 bird species that I hadn’t seen yet this year. 🙂

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any good photos of any of them!!! I stopped at a small pond to eat my lunch and that is where I spotted the Purple Martin. He was flying overhead fairly high up on his way off towards another pond.

Then, I saw a few birds fluttering around at one end of the pond. I thought that they were Tree Swallows, so I didn’t take a closer look. After a while, the birds started zipping around my end of the pond. That is when I really watched them and saw the way they quickly flapped their wings. I looked at the shape of their wings are realized that these were actually Chimney Swifts, which I had not seen yet this year!

I thought for about 1 second to try to take a photo of them, but if you know anything about fast flying birds, you’ll know that they aren’t the easiest to get a good photo of. I decided to just watch them instead…

We stopped at a couple of fields and way off in the distance in one was the Eastern Meadowlark, again not able to get a good photo!

At one point when we had stopped near some woods and a field, I heard a distinctive call. I searched for a while and finally saw just what I thought I had been listening to…


It was a Yellow-breasted Chat. It was quite a ways away… Here is the photo zoomed in, but not that good….


You can see why it got its name. It is the largest warbler in the US as well as one of the oddest. It is know for its crazy series of clucks, whistles and hoots. This bird seems to a strange combination of a Warbler and a Mockingbird!!!

Remember to stay healthy and safe!!!

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