Can You Guess Which Bird This is…

Can You Guess Which Bird This is…

Lately, a few of you have mentioned that you enjoy figuring out or guessing which bird species I show a photo of…

That being said, I will show you a photo and you can try to identify which bird it is. Remember, don’t scroll down past the photo until you give a guess…


Did you guess? Now, if you know your birds, this one is fairly easy… It’s the White-eyed Vireo! Did you get it right? Take a close look at the eye, can you see why they call it White-eyed!!!

In the springtime the male can be very noisy, calling away to let everyone know just where his territory is! “Chick-of-the-village” is what the people in Bermuda call this bird, since that is kind of what their song sounds like…

I do hear them a lot when I’m birding, but I can’t always find them. Though if you stay in one spot for long enough another bird will come around causing the White-eyed Vireo to come out and scream at the other bird because he is too close to his territory!!!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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