Mother Bluebird With her Babies…

Mother Bluebird With her Babies…

They other day in my backyard, I was seeing some activity in an old Purple Martin house that was in the yard when I moved in… I had never seen any birds nesting in the house, so I was surprised to see birds flying in and out.


It was an Easter Bluebird family. They adult female is the one with the rusty red breast. She has one juvenile down below her and the other one on the side…

The adult Bluebirds will have 2, sometimes 3 broods, per year. Both parents will feed the young and even the juveniles from the previous brood may help to feed the new nestlings.

Here is a closer look at a juvenile, note the spots, those will go away when they become an adult.


I’m really not sure if these birds actually hatched inside the Purple Martin house or if the next brood will, but I’ll keep my eye on the house to see what’s happening…

Stay healthy and safe!

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