Who am I?

Who am I?

Okay, so here we go again… you’ve asked for another photo to try to guess what the bird is!

I’m going to look back into one that I took a couple of years ago and maybe haven’t posted about lately, so that it will be a bit harder for you to guess…

Now guess which bird species this is (remember don’t scroll down past the photo until you’ve made a guess)


Did you guess? Do you see all of the bands on its legs, that’s because there are only about 2,300 of this species left in the world, so ornithologist are keeping an eye on them.

It is the Island Scrub-Jay. Was your guess correct? It was a hard one, since this bird looks very similar to the California Scrub-Jay. The Island Scrub-Jay does have a heavier bill and is a bit larger.

This bird is only found on the Santa Cruz Island off the coast of southern California. They are considered a vulnerable species since the island is so small, only 20 miles long and 5 miles across at the widest point. Not a lot of space for their population to get much larger.

Hope you had fun guessing, remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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