I Hear Birds, But See Leaves!

I Hear Birds, But See Leaves!

I went to the wildlife refuge again this week and actually heard lots of birds, but there are soooooo many leaves, that I had a lot of trouble seeing the birds!

I did manage to hear the Blue-headed Vireo, which is one bird that I hadn’t heard or seen yet this year. I got a glimpse of him, but wasn’t able to get a photo.

I did see a few other birds, but most were hard to see through the leaves..

Here is a bird species that I’ve seen a few times so far this year. Try to guess what bird it is… Remember to make a guess before you scroll past the photo…


Did you make a guess? Did you guess the Red-eyed Vireo? Zoom into his eye, it’s a good identifier.


Often not seen, this bird tends to hide in the leafy trees. You will usually hear them though because they sing constantly throughout the spring and summer. They winter in the tropics and will breed up through the US into Canada.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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