Watch Out For Ticks!

Watch Out For Ticks!

As I was hiking around in the wildlife refuge the other day, I thought about ticks as I went through some areas of tall grass. I usually stay away from the grassy areas, because I know that is where the ticks like to stay and get onto people.

I made sure to do my tick check when I got back to the car, but I was wearing shorts since it was hot and I obviously didn’t do a good enough check! I found a tick about 24 hours later…

It was a small deer tick (the kind that carries Lyme Disease)… We got the tick off/out of me, did a better tick check, then started to worry about what to do next…

Being proactive, one would go to the doctors and see what they think, but there is NOOOO way I want to go to the doctor’s office or clinic during this crazy virus! Luckily, I have teledoc, I am able to call a doctor and get their opinion of the situation…

The doctor suggested one dose of antibiotics and to watch for the red target ring, hopefully that won’t show up.

Unfortunately, I did have to go to the drive through window at the pharmacy to pick up the medicine. I had my mask on with my gloves (inside my car). I get to the pharmacy and they open up this big window, they have no mask or gloves on!!! Am I living in a different world than them? Do they know something different than I do? Are we not in the middle of a pandemic???

I just called the store manager and found out that they believe that wearing gloves could cross contaminate the different orders, but they were all supposed to be wearing masks! She said that she would check into it, but no on in the pharmacy was wearing a mask!!!!

Needless to say, I was a bit nervous taking the pills that they had given me, on the one hand I can stop Lyme Disease, but on the other hand I could potentially catch the virus! I closed my eyes and swallowed the pills…

So, the moral of the story is if you are able to go birding, stay away from the tall grasses! Also, during this crazy time, we should all try extra hard to stay safe so we don’t have to go places where we potentially could get exposed…

I would show you a photo of a tick so you know what to keep a look out for, but I’m really not a fan, so instead I’ll show a photo of a bird…

If you want you can try to guess what this bird species is, take a guess then scroll past the photo to find out what it is…


Did you guess the Gray Catbird? They are pretty plain, with a rust area on his backside. This bird is very vocal, with lots of sounds, often meowing like a cat. Sometimes they will even mimic other birds. They will spend most of the time down in the shrubs foraging for insects by flipping leaves over with its bill.

Remember to stay healthy and safe!

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