226 And Still Birding…

226 And Still Birding…

I was able to get out and bird this week! I ended up back at the same wildlife refuge that we’ve been to a few times this spring. This time though, we had had a lot of rain and so there were several areas that we couldn’t get to, because the streams had overflowed…

I made sure to wear long pants, even though it was in the 80s (I didn’t want to end up with another tick)…

I found 2 new bird species that I hadn’t gotten yet this year. One was the Swainson’s Warbler, they breed mostly in the southeastern US.

The other bird I saw was the cutie in the photo below. You can try to guess what bird it is… 


It’s the Kentucky Warbler. They are found in the eastern US. This Warbler actually spends most of its time on the ground, foraging by flipping over dead leaves looking for insects.

Hope you’re all staying healthy and safe!

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