Happy Saturday! Here Comes The Rain Again…

Happy Saturday! Here Comes The Rain Again…

Hurray it’s Saturday! Do you have any big plans? Stay healthy!

I don’t have any plans, just the same as every other day… today started out cloudy and humid, so of course it rained…(after I put grass seed down, which probably got washed away for the second time) 😦

I’m still waiting for the sun… someday soon I’ll be going off birding again 🙂

Until then, I watch live webcams around the world that show feeders or nests of different birds, this way I can still feel like I’m getting out there…

You can see Peregrine Falcons if you go to:


There you will see the Falcon’s nest high up in a ledge of a building, with 4 hatchlings in the nest…


I found this Peregrine resting on a beach in Southern California. He didn’t seem too worried about me, he just kept an eye on me, but never bothered to fly off…

You can also go to: 


This site has 3 webcams, one has a nesting box of a pair of Western Screech Owls. The Owls had laid a few eggs, but threw some out of the nest when they didn’t hatch. There are 2 eggs remaining, but too much time has gone by, so they won’t hatch either.

Another webcam is set up to watch the hummingbird feeder. Here is a Violet-crowned Hummingbird that I saw there a few years ago.


They also have a camera in the yard that shows several feeders all together. I found these Lesser Goldfinches when I was there. Too bad I can’t count the species that I see live on the web, but that’s not how it works, but they’re still fun to watch…


Those are the ones that I check out regularly, but there are many many more out there. Do you have a favorite? Let me know what bird cams you’ve seen and I’ll share with everyone so we can all enjoy them. Thanks!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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