A Few Birds I Saw…

A Few Birds I Saw…

At the wildlife refuge I found a few other birds happily singing their songs…

As I was walking near a small pond, I heard a bird mimicking other bird’s songs and singing over and over again. I thought that it was a Northern Mockingbird, so I really wasn’t too excited about spotting it. 

I continued to walk along the edge of the pond, getting closer and closer to the bird. Finally, I was at the end of the path, so I looked around for the singing bird and to my surprise it wasn’t a Mockingbird at all!

Can you guess what it was? I’ll give you a hint; it also mimics.


It’s the Brown Thrasher! I’ve been fooled by them before, I always assume it’s a Mockingbird! They will forage mostly on the ground, they use their bill to flip over leaves to look for insects. Sometimes they will eat berries and nuts, they pound on acorns with their bill to open them up!

This next bird I hardly ever saw before this 2020 crap year… now I see it every time that I go to the wildlife refuge. Try and guess which bird species this is, I’ll give you a hint; they weren’t too imaginative when they named it…


If you guessed the Black-and-white Warbler, you’re correct! Originally they called this bird the Black-and-white Creeper, because similar to the nuthatches and creepers, it will climb around tree trunks and limbs foraging for insects. Other warblers do not forage like this at all!

It never forages up very high in the trees and their nest are low too, often on the ground!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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