Meet the Jays

Meet the Jays

Today is another bright sunny day… unfortunately, I’ve got things to do since I didn’t do any work yesterday… so I’m not going birding today. 😦

I did see a few birds in the yard, but nothing new… I did see a Blue Jay, that’s when I realized that I don’t have any photos of a Blue Jay! And even after seeing one today I still don’t have a photo… he flew away too quickly.

Originally this year I was going to try to find new lifers to add to my list, but since I’m not able to go birding too far away (still staying safe), I have a new mission. Now I am going to try to get a photo of a Blue Jay!

Here are some photos that I do have of other Jays…


This is a Steller’s Jay, they are found on the west coast of Canada south into Central America.


Here is the Green Jay, in the US they can only be found in the southernmost part of Texas! They are also in Mexico and in the tropics.


This is the California Sccsrub-Jay, they can be found along the west coast of the US and south into Mexico.


This is the Florida Scrub-Jay, they can only be found in Florida, USA. These birds are endangered! There are only about 4,000 pairs left, this is a 90% reduction from their original population! The main reason for the reduction is that they live in oak scrub which is naturally maintained by occasional fires, but since florida has fire prevention programs, there are less fires creating their habitat, thus less areas for them to live.


And lastly, this is the Island Scrub-Jay, they live only on the Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Southern California. Since the island is sooooo small there are only 2,300 of these birds today! Notice the tags on its legs, they are keeping a close study on these birds to make sure that they continue to survive on the island!

Happy Birding… remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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