I Found 1 New Bird For This Year…

I Found 1 New Bird For This Year…

It was a nice sunny (hot) day, but I got out early and went birding… 🙂

There were lots of birds out and about, since it was early in the morning, but I only found 1 species that I hadn’t seen yet this year.  While looking around in a wooded area near a small pond, something above me caught my eye… it was a Common Nighthawk. Unfortunately, it flew overhead too quickly for me to even try to get a photo, but I was thrilled to see it. I’m now up to 229 for 2020…

These birds are often seen flying overhead, they’ll forage for insects during the day, mostly dusk or dawn (not always night) and they are not hawks, they are in the nightjar family, so I’m not sure how they got their name…

I also saw this bird and its nest. Here is a hint, the nest is hanging…


It’s the Orchard Oriole. I found his nest right above my head, I waited and waited for a photo of him going to the nest, but even when I moved further away, he refused to come back until I was out of sight…

Here is a photo of the nest.


It’s actually hanging down, attached to the branches above, but it’s not as large as the Baltimore Oriole nests.

Happy Birding! Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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