African Birds

African Birds

Over 10 years ago I took a fantastic trip to Africa. Lots of beautiful landscapes and animals, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime! There is only one thing that I wish I would have done differently on the trip, I wish I had been a birder (with a good camera) at the time I went on the trip!

We traveled around a lot and went on safaris, we saw lots of animals and birds and luckily I took a few photos of the unique birds that I saw. Years later I looked through my photos and figured out just which bird species I saw on the trip.

Here are a few photos of some of the birds that I saw, remember I was not a birder and I had a small little camera with me… You can try to make a guess, for those of you from Africa this should be easy, but for the rest of you it might be very difficult…


This is a Saddle-billed stork. This bird is huge! It stands about 59 inches tall with a 8.9 foot wingspan. This very large colorful bird really surprised me when I first saw it, I told you Africa has unique birds!

This next one is a bit easier, you should at least be able to guess the family this bird is in…


This is the African Fish Eagle. Obviously this bird eats mostly fish, catching them in its talons right out of the water.

These 2 were just walking around on the ground as we drove by looking for big game to photograph, any ideas what they are?


These are Southern ground hornbills. They are the largest species of hornbills in the world! In the wild they live up to 60 years, and up to 70 years in captivity!

Hope you enjoyed looking at some very unique birds, maybe someday I’ll get back to Africa as a birder, with a good camera!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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