Birds From India

Birds From India

Several years back, I went on a trip to India. As with the Africa trip, I was not yet a “birder,” so looking at the native birds was not really something we were doing there.

I can remember though, being at the Taj Mahal and my husband telling me that I was nuts, because I was taking photos of owls in a tree for the longest time, instead of taking photos of the Taj Mahal!

I only got a few photos of birds while on the trip, I looked back at them years later to figure out what bird species I had seen.

Here are the photos that I took… try and guess what birds they are…


These are the cute little Spotted Owlets that I found at the Taj Mahal. They can be found from India to Southeast Asia.


This is the Rose-ringed Parakeet. Originally found only in Africa and South Asia, these birds have been released into the wild in many other parts of the world, where they have established themselves quite well.

This last one you should be able to guess or come very close to guessing it correctly. Take a good look at the bird, what would you name?


It’s the Lesser golden-back woodpecker or Black-rumped flameback. These birds have adjusted to humans quite well and are often seen along small wooded avenues throughout India.

Hope you enjoyed these birds I found in India.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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